Global Entrepreneurship Academy

Lotus League Foundation is proud to invite you to Global Entrepreneurship Academy – a business academy for young graduates 📢
Selected participants will join 8 workshops organized in cooperation with our great partners. All workshops will take place this fall (please, look for details below).
Each workshop will consist of a short lecture + case study on the business plan. It will last ~4 hours. The topics covered are:
1) Welcome to the start-up world
2) Team Building and Leadership
3) Idea Selection
4) Market Analysis
5) Innovation and Value Proposition
6) Marketing Strategy, Sales Strategy
7) Financial & Data Analysis
8 ) Business Plan Presentation, Winning Negotiations
For the detailed programme, including dates of the meetings, please visit our website:
🔴 For whom?
This project is dedicated to graduate students, enrolled now in a master’s programme or recently graduated. We accept applications from individuals from Europe and Asia.
We will recruit students based on their academic performance, extracurricular activities, and overall application strengths. Please, bear in mind that to apply you need to be fluent in English.
🔴 When?
8 workshops will take place from November 2021 to January 2021. The detailed dates are available on the Lotus League website.
🔴 Where?
The whole programme will be held online (Discord + Zoom). Candidates from both Europe and Asia are encouraged to join. Each workshop will start before 12 noon CET, to ensure applicants from Asia can join in the convenient hours for them.
🔴 Why?
📜 Knowledge & Certificate
You will get a certificate, confirming the knowledge that you obtained at the Academy.
🏆 Prize
Best performing individuals will be awarded the financial prize. We will announce details before the 5th of October.
🤝 Networking
You will network with alike individuals and learn best business practices from mentors.
👉 Platform
Best performing individuals will get a chance to create their own event, which Lotus League Foundation will help to organize and promote (as the main or supporting platform).
The applications are open till 15th October 2021.
Do not wait – apply through this link:

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